Norrsken House in downtown Stockholm is a 2400m2 creative cluster for more than 300 entrepreneurs solving some of the biggest challenges of our time.
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Norrsken House is an office space for entrepreneurs with a vision to make the world a better place. We believe in technology as an important tool for solving problems more efficiently, and we strive to create an environment that support these entrepreneurs to do as much good as possible.

Not your average cubicle

We are not a typical office - a place you go to pay your rent and spend your time thinking about what to do when you get out. Quite the opposite - we are the safe space, the place you go when restlessness strikes and you can’t keep your ideas in you head anymore. The sort of place where you will hear more yes and’s and what if’s than no but’s and do not’s, and where the sky most definitely is not the limit.



Every task needs its space.
As a team you need a place to gather, while working on your own you need somewhere to focus. Meetings need privacy, presentations need screens and great ideas need a stage. We've built a co-working space for every occasion, and oh, nothing is extra.
  • 30+ meeting rooms

  • Our meeting rooms are made to be super flexible and always there when you need them. We've split them up so that half are bookable and have screens for presenting, while the other half are non-bookable for spontaneous meetings or a quick thought exchange.
  • Skype booths

  • One of the toughest things about a traditional open office is not being able to get away to make an important call or skype meeting. We've solved this by building eight small skype rooms and two phone booths, specifically made for when you need to make an important call or attend a conference long distance.
  • Quiet area

  • Some types of work require a lot of focus. We have a quiet area with extra soundproofing and desks with divider walls. Think of it as real life 'Do not disturb'.
  • Team areas

  • To work more effeciently, teams often times want to sit together and work. Some of the spaces in the office landscape can be reserved by a group so that they can have their own space for the day.
  • Photo and video studio

  • Whether you need a team portrait, product pics or a video for your crowdfunding campaign, the studio will help you out. We've got white, black and greenscreen backdrops, a lightning setup and hi-end camera equipment to make it happen.
  • Conference rooms

  • When there are many of you, and you need some time and space to think and discuss, a meeting room might not be enough. Our conference rooms are perfect for larger groups who need to get down to business.
  • Event space

  • Every month, we host a lot of events, and they all take place in our Town Hall. The space has everything you need to create a fantastic event - crowd seating, big screen projector, microphones, stage lighting and really (really) good sound.
  • Personal lockers

  • Since you don't have your own desk, you're gonna need somewhere to put your stuff. Personal lockers for everyone.
  • Whiteboards

  • For all you idea sketchers and wireframers out there - yes, we've littered this place with whiteboards.
  • Playroom

  • We realize that even entrepreneurs have a life outside of work, and we want to support the idea that work life and family life can fit together nicely. Our playroom gives you the opportunity to bring your kids to work.
  • Workshop rooms

  • Don't let the space hold you back. The workshop rooms are perfect for when you need room to move around and really get your thought process up on the wall.
  • Meditation room

  • Soundproof and soothing, the meditation room is a great escape when your mind is racing. It's always available, and every week there is a guided session.
  • Gym discount

  • As fate would have it, there's a gym next door. Here's a discount.
  • Pet friendly

  • Furry friends are welcome. Do you have allergies? We've made some of our meeting rooms pet-free.


Open landscape

The place you spend most of your time needs to be functional, adaptable and not least - beautiful. We have poured our hearts into making this a space that you are going to want to come back to every morning. It starts with the building itself - Norrsken House is built inside one of the grand halls of an old tram station. The masonry, steel beams and railroad tracks going in the front door are all over a hundred years old, while the workplace itself is state of the art.

Community and network

Impact ecosystem

Sitting at Norrsken, you're not just sharing a space together with a bunch of strangers, you are part of something bigger. With over 120 companies working on new ideas in different areas of technology and social entrepreneurship, there is always something to talk about, and more ideas popping up every day.
The WelcomeApp team
And it's not only the people working around you that will form part of your network, the house also attracts a lot of attention from the outside. Throughout the days visitors from all kinds of sectors pass through the building, among them investors, politicians and heads of big tech companies.


It's happening

Every month, the house acts as a venue for a lot of events. Some of them we host ourselves, such as our House Session series and Mission events, while many others are hosted by members and external organizations looking for a place they know will draw attention.


Join the club


Welcome tech companies and entrepreneurs alike. If you feel that you will contribute to our ecosystem, even if you are not currently working on solutions for social impact, we'd love to have you here.

Dropping by

Norrsken House is located right in downtown Stockholm. Come by and have a look (it's really nice), or stay for lunch at Pepstop, the 100% vegan and gluten free café just inside our doors.

Norrsken House
Birger Jarlsgatan 57C
113 56 STHLM