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Public events


Stockholm Impact Meetup

Thursday 2nd June, 16:00

Organized by Norrsken House in Townhall Free entry

TEDx Stockholm: Speaker get-together

Friday 3rd June, 16:30

Organized by TEDx Stockholm in Moon Free entry

Norrsken Open House Tour

Tuesday 7th June, 15:00

Welcome to our open house where we'll give you a tour and tell you about our mission!COVID 19 Safety Guidelines:
We are limiting the number of spots to a maximum of 10 people per tour. We have taken measures to make the tours as safe as possible by maintaining social distancing and reducing the maximum number of attendee spots available. You need to have a confirmed ticket in order to join the tour.

Welcome to our open house where we'll give you a tour and tell you about our mission.
Norrsken House is a community for entrepreneurs with a vision to make the world a better place. We want to create an environment that supports these entrepreneurs to do as much good as possible.
We are not a typical office - a place you go to pay your rent and spend your time thinking about what to do when you get out. Quite the opposite - we are the safe space, the place you go when restlessness strikes and you can’t keep your ideas in your head anymore. The sort of place where you will hear more yes and’s and what if’s than no but’s and do not’s, and where the sky most definitely is not the limit.
The place you spend most of your time needs to be functional, adaptable and not least - beautiful. We have poured our hearts into making this a space that you are going to want to come back to every morning.It starts with the building itself - Norrsken House is built inside one of the grand halls of an old tram station. The masonry, steel beams and railroad tracks going in the front door are all over a hundred years old, while the workplace itself is state of the art.
Want to take a sneak peek? Check out our video tour:

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Organized by in Moon Free entry

UNHCR x TedX Stockholm - Refugee Speaker Program final event

Monday 20th June, 16:30

Organized by UNHCR x TedX in Townhall Free entry

Community events


Guided Meditation

Monday 30th May, 14:00

In Meditation Room

Energetic Flow Breathwork

Tuesday 31st May, 07:30

In Meditation Room

ALMI @ Norrsken

Wednesday 1st June, 09:30

In Townhall

Private events

Looking for a place?

Norrsken house can act as a venue for conferences, hackathons, parties, concerts, workshops, meetings, lectures, movie screenings - pretty much anything you can think of.