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Our membership gives you the opportunity to join the Norrsken House community together with all its benefits and offerings. Please make sure you read what it includes on our website. By sending in your application you formally accept our House Rules and the Terms & Conditions for using the facilities.

We view our impact tech members as investments. It costs the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) approximately $3,300 to save a human life. In other words, the opportunity cost of one year of impact tech membership at Norrsken House is a human life. We offer you subsidized membership instead of donating to AMF because we believe that the positive impact you will create in the society through your tech solution will not only save one life, but millions. In order to justify our investment to you and your organization, we expect you to fill out this form diligently and report on your impact and business KPIs when requested quarterly.

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Please review our meeting room guidelines in order to see if Norrsken House fits your companies needs for meeting room capacity.

High = 8h / week
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The monthly Tech for Good membership fee is 3000 SEK per person per month (VAT excluded). The membership fee will be debited in advance the 10th of each month and automatically charged the 15th from the debit card connected to the account. I confirm that I took note of and accept the General Terms & Conditions and the Norrsken House rules as to be found here: