Membership Application

Membership application

Membership Application
Our membership gives you the opportunity to join the Norrsken House community together with all its benefits and offerings. Please make sure you read what it includes on our website:

Company info

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This figure should also include other team-members who are not applying for a seat in the house

Who are the company co-founders?

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We view our impact tech members as investments. It costs the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) approximately $3,300 to save a human life. In other words, the opportunity cost of one year of discounted membership at Norrsken House is a human life or more. We offer you subsidized membership instead of donating to AMF because we believe that the positive impact you will create in the society through your tech solution will not only save one life but millions. In order to justify our investment in you and your organization, we expect you to fill out this form diligently and report on your impact and business KPIs when requested quarterly.

Vision & Product

Guiding question: What would the world look like if you succeeded? Example: A sustainable planet where we consume within our means
Guiding question: Why is your solution needed? Example: Owning is the default - our natural behaviour is to buy rather than borrow. Main reasons for it 1) it is too cheap to buy-the cost of environment is not included 2) our society assigns status to owning
Guiding question: What is your solution to the challenge? Remove barriers to borrowing on-demand, make borrowing as easy as buying.
Example: An online platform that makes borrowing easy.
Guiding question: Why is it contributing more than what would have existed anyhow? Example: Creating a new market for borrowing (peer-to-peer)

Describe your impact

You probably just started, and these questions might be hard to answer, but just give us estimations in that case.

How much

How much of the effect occurs in the time period?


Who experiences the effect and how underserved are they in relation to the outcome?


How does the effect compare and contribute to what is likely to occur anyway?


Which risk factors are significant and how likely is it that the outcome is different from the expectation?

What are the metrics of your impact? (3 KPIs)

ex: # of unique phones using the service
ex: # accurate weather forecasts sent
ex: retention rate among farmers (1-3 mths)

Company vision

Example: Full transparency
Example: we provide hyper-local weather updates, via SMS, based on GPS location.
Example: Big service providers are taking advantage of their position and provide insufficient transparency to what they are doing with their customers money
Example: a new easy-to-use insurance solution with full transparency into where the money goes

Financial performance

How big are your needs for:

Please review our meeting room guidelines to see if Norrsken House fits your company's needs for meeting room capacity.

Low = 1h / week
Medium = 2.5h / week
High = 8h / week

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ex: pitch deck, product PDF, research

Terms & Conditions

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