Welcome on board!
Before we give you your Kisi access, there are a few things to do so we can properly onboard you. Norrsken House is not just an office, it's a community. As a result, it's important to us that you understand how our community works, can be a valuable part of it, and get the most out of your Norrsken House membership.

The next step:
download and set up a service called Slack.

If you haven't gotten an invitation to Slack yet, you'll get an activation link once your membership starts. Once you get the link, make sure to go through these steps and introduce yourself once you have access.

Slack is a service that allows our community to read and send messages online with each other.

You should have received an email from Slack recently with an invitation asking you to sign up. Simply follow the instructions in this email.

We recommend you download both the desktop (Mac or Windows) and mobile apps (iPhone, Android etc) which you can download from https://slack.com/downloads.

This will help you a lot to engage with other members at Norrsken House and to keep up to date on news and announcements.