Norrsken house  acts as a venue for conferences, hackathons, parties, concerts, workshops, meetings, lectures, movie screenings - pretty much anything you can think of.

The whole place is situated inside on of the old tram halls in north east Stockholm. The contrast between the brick wall and steel beam structure and the modern architecture inside is what gives the place it's unique character. 

The main venue space, called Town Hall, is where we host our bigger events, with crowds up to 150 people.


For smaller events, there is a presentation and gathering hall called Moon, for groups up to 80 people. For conferences, workshops, meetings and other types of events, the house has conference rooms, meeting rooms and workshop rooms.


To book a space, use our application form.


We're always looking for interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking speakers to invite to our stage. Is there a fantastic speaker that you would like to see at Norrsken House?